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Machine de Cirque has stormed Baie de Beauport (Quebec, Canada) in August 2020 to create an original circus journey inspired by the St. Lawrence River! FLEUVE explores the many facets of the majestic waterway: the nourishing fishery, the anchorage port, the lighthouse in the night, the epic ice canoe crossings, the underwater exploration of shipwrecks... and of course the great queen of the river, colossal and fragile at the same time: the whale! 5 original tableaux, 16 talented circus artists & 50 immersive minutes: this COVID-19-proof guided tour was held in August 2020.


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50 minutes

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Credits and thanks

Le Soleil

"Between the hustle and bustle of the commercial port, the gloomy, hushed atmosphere of the underwater wrecks or the light of a lighthouse in the night, FLEUVE transports the audience through the various sometimes moving, playful and breathtaking tableaux."

Le Journal de Québec

"The river. Vast and close, you can see it every day. Machine de Cirque was inspired by the St. Lawrence to create, in just a few weeks, an itinerary of circus shows that unfolds in Baie de Beauport. The show is made up of five stations that can be discovered in small groups, accompanied by guides and in compliance with public health standards."

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Le Soleil

Each painting takes viewers on a journey to a different universe, inspired by the majestic St. Lawrence River. From the hustle and bustle of the commercial port, to the gloomy, hushed ambience of the underwater wrecks, to the light of a lighthouse at night, FLEUVE takes the audience on a journey through a series of tableaux that are at times moving, playful and breathtaking.

Le Journal de Québec aerial ballet of spectacular pirouettes...

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Le Journal de QuébecVAT

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