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In creation

Ghost Light

Between fall and flight

Awarded at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain

The teeterboard duo of Maxim Laurin and Ugo Dario has won awards at the Festiva; mondial du cirque de demain in France and Younastage in Switzerland. 

Show description

The curtain falls. The theatre is plunged into darkness. Only a single light watches guard: the “Ghost Light.” The ghosts that inhabit the space are drawn toward the ghost light. As they recall the energy of a past life, they push each other around, push each other away, enjoy themselves, tear each other apart, only to fall into an embrace once again. Ghost Light: Between Fall and Flight makes visible what is invisible. The two beings lead us into a captivating performance that features a blend of stunning acrobatic feats, choreography, ghostly lights and upbeat music. A reflection of the journey of a partnership, the teeterboard propels the acrobats toward each other in the euphoria of flight, the levity of weightlessness, and the fatality of the inevitable fall. Let yourself be moved by this story that touches the spirit beyond mere mortal words.


Show duration

60 minutes

Age limit


Credits and thanks

Journal de Québec

These two artists have been working together for 12 years. They have taken their discipline to the limit and shown remarkable tenacity.

Métro Québec

[...] a streamlined set design to showcase the Korean board, and a dance performance that's at times playful, at times dramatic.

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The three strikes

[...] Their work is intimate, with light and dark in conflict. Disarming virtuosity at the service of their acrobatic story.

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