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Les 3 Géants

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Show description

How do you become a giant? What if this quest for greatness wasn't a solitary one, but a collective one? With this new creation, Machine de Cirque invites you on an initiatory journey to the heart of yourself, to find what is great. Driven by the music of a live DJ, vibrant young people return to their raw state, freeing themselves from established norms to reinvent the world. Facing nature, they emerge from all horizons to respond to a cry from the heart they no longer hear. In the space of a moment, this ephemeral community will build a place of all possibilities, where fall and ascent intertwine, but where hope always emerges. Because we have to. Influenced by the social movements of recent years, this show is an ode to change, resilience and the beauty that emerges when solitudes become a group. Becoming giant, all together.


Show duration

90 minutes

Age limit


Credits and thanks

"While it's possible to fall into a pessimistic attitude towards experts' assessments of the planet's future, Machine de Cirque's very solar punk approach is a breath of fresh air."

Journal Métro

"The result is light-hearted and joyful, but Machine de cirque has not forgotten to add a deeper dimension to the sequence.

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La Presse

"In an ode to the changes inspired by the social movements of recent years, acrobats, jugglers and tightrope walkers take to the stage with their respective acts to the sound of Étienne Thibeault's compositions and sound design."

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