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In creation

Machine de cirque

Charlie-Chaplin Trophy winner

The Charlie-Chaplin Trophy from the Festival international de cirque Vaudreuil-Dorion 2015 was awarded to the team.

Show description

Poetic and humorous...the six guys in Machine de cirque really do have it all. The only catch: they're all alone in the world. Their quest: to contact other survivors using a strange machine. Will they succeed? Nothing is less certain! They're easily distracted by their unusual fantasies and have a talent for getting themselves into perilous situations. Nothing could be more normal! How else could they survive in a world devoid of women and computers? Witty, touching and comical, these six characters have an infectious complicity. They're masters of the Korean skateboard, the skittles, the drums and even the bath towel!


Show duration

90 minutes

Age limit


Credits and thanks


"Humor, sprinkled here and there, also spices up their already beautifully conducted affair. With very little (simple white bath towels), they're capable of any sleight of hand. Surprise and laughter guaranteed! "


"But our acrobats don't just play bicycles, they are acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists and perform impressive somersaults and twists on their Korean boards. They're also clowns. And really funny, which has become rare. "

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Le Télégramme

"Once again, without net, without delay. [...] the five acrobats from Machine de cirque, accompanied by an extreme (!) percussionist, thrilled the audience at the Palais des arts. "

Les Echos

"In these moments, Machine de Cirque combines burlesque and cabaret, with virtuosity to boot. [...] Samuel Hollis, Laurent Racicot, Thibault Macé, Guillaume Larouche and Tom Prôneur are the boys in the wind. Their Machine de Cirque is just like them, wildly inventive. "

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